Diplomat Crocodile-Print Single Automatic Watch Travel Winder Review

If you travel a lot, and need to wind your watch while away from home, this cylindrical case has everything that you need.

The Diplomat travel case runs at 1500 turns per day, and has the option to spin clockwise, counterclockwise, or both. The case itself is a 7 inch long tube that easily fits in most luggage bags, and can run on battery power or the included AC adapter.

The window at the top of the case lets you see your watch easily.

This watch winder is ideal for people who travel a lot and only wear one automatic watch regularly.

As a home device, it is certainly not the best due to the lack of additional turning options (such as setting how many turns per day).

This winder also has some trouble with oversized watches due to the width of the case itself. It is very affordable, though the question of quality is still up for debate by those who have left reviews.

Pros: Compact enough that it can fit in luggage without taking up too much room.
Cons: There is no option to adjust the turns-per-day, a necessary feature to prevent over-winding.
Bottom Line: For travel, it’s not too bad. Perhaps a little bulky, but it does do the job for a small price.

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