Diplomat Black Double Watch Winder Review

If you wear a fancy automatic watch, you understand that motion keeps it running.

If you don’t wear your watch for a long period of time, you may find that your watch slowly becomes less and less accurate. Automatic watch winders such as the Diplomat serve to keep your watches accurate even while not in use.

This wood finished counter-top accessory is big enough to hold up to 5 watches, and can wind 2 watches simultaneously.

It has 4 different winding settings that direct the turntable to spin clockwise or counter-clockwise and then rest, and it is all powered through the included AC power cable or through batteries.

It’s a fantastic tool to have if you aren’t a dedicated watch wearer.

The motor is extremely silent, which allows you to keep it in your bedroom easily. Of course, if you are worried about the noise, it does have a long running setting that winds continuously for 3 hours before shutting off for 9 hours.

This setting ensures that when you go to sleep at night, the motor isn’t running for long. The large front window on the box allows you to watch your watches as they spin so that you can pick out any issues right away.

Larger faced watches may have some trouble fitting in the box side-by-side.

Pros: The large 10” Long and 7” wide box can fit 5 watches for storage; 2 watches on the winder, and 3 additional watches below.
Cons: The leather inside the case is not genuine leather, and you may experience flaking early on in the life of the product.
Bottom Line: Best for people who have many watches that they wear on and off, and need to keep them all charged to some degree of accuracy.

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