CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder Review

Every automatic watch needs to be wound a certain way to ensure longevity of your timepiece.

Many dual watch winders only go one way or the other for both watches, which is fine if both of your watches need to co clockwise or counterclockwise.

However, if one watch has to go clockwise and another watch has to go counterclockwise, you run into a problem.

The CHIYODA double watch winder solves this problem by allowing you to customize each motor to rotate one way or the other. Both dials can go the same way, or they can rotate in opposite directions simultaneously.

This ensures that your watches are wound no matter their needs.

The LCD touch pad allows you to customize how you want your watches to spin, and for how long. If your watch requires a very specific amount of spins, you can program the watch winder to do that for you.

The motors are exceptionally quiet, and the case is very handsome; it’s an ideal object to put in the bedroom while you sleep. In addition to being fully customizable, the pillows are designed to hold any kind of watch with any size watch face, including oversized watches.

Highly rated as a very good quality watch winder.

Pros: The settings allow the pillows to rotate in different directions, so you can wind your watches effectively.
Cons: Is powered completely through an AC adapter, so if the power goes out, you do need to reprogram the unit again.
Bottom Line: It’s very convenient, especially for watches that both need different winding directions.

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