Brookstone Set of 4 Watch Winders with Power Base Review

Sometimes, purchasing one watch winder for your four automatic watches isn’t enough, especially when you unexpectedly get another as a gift.

In this situation, you would usually want to buy an entirely new winding box to store it, in case you get more sometime in the future. However, what if you didn’t have to purchase another large winding box?

Brookstone has an innovative solution that seeks to solve this problem. The set of 4 individual watch winder blocks hold one watch each, and can either sit on the power base to charge or you can take them off for travel or just to move them around.

Now, when you get an unexpected automatic watch for the holidays, you can simply order a small box that goes with the rest of the set for a fraction of the price.

The unit as a whole is also fairly inexpensive, and the power base can hold up to 12 watches simultaneously.

The little watch boxes are incredibly stylish, with a domed window to watch your watch as it rotates. Unfortunately, according to many buyers of this product, the boxes do not have a very long shelf life, and may need to be replaced.

Pros: Individual boxes ensure that you don’t have to spend an additional 100+ dollars getting a new watch winder.
Cons: Limited life with the winders, leading to frequent replacements.
Bottom Line: For the option to expand where necessary it’s a great tool.

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