Belocia Single Watch Winder Review

This Belocia product focuses on winding your automatic watch the right way. With a large pillow that can hold even oversized watches, and settings to determine turn direction and turns-per-day, it is great for any kind of watch you may have.

This product is installed with a super quiet Japanese Mabuchi motor, a powerful motor known for its silent operation. This makes the watch winder suitable for use in the bedroom as it will not make much noise. The plexi-glass window allows for easy viewing of your watch, so you know whether or not it is done turning.

This watch winder has settings for 750, 1000, 1500, and 1800 turns per day, and it rotates clockwise or counterclockwise.

Unfortunately, there is no option to have it switch between the two. It is a very simple watch winder with easy to understand instructions, and it is extremely effective at what it does. For the price, the quality is superb and it does exactly what you need it to do.

Pros: Small and quiet with options to choose how many rotations your watch does to prevent over-winding.
Cons: Is not designed to switch between clockwise and counter clockwise. It’s one or the other.
Bottom Line: It’s both space and cost efficient, with enough features to adequately wind whatever watch you may own.

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