Belocia Ebony Wood Eight Watch Winder with LCD Display Review

A reliable watch winder can be difficult to find, especially if you have more than four watches to maintain at once.

If you want a nearly silent, reliable, fully programmable watch winder, the Belocia Ebony winder may just be what you need.

It features eight separate motors that can all be customized according to rotation and turns-per-day, ensuring that whatever watches you put in are going to be wound the right way. Plus, it stands up like a tower which means it takes up less room on surfaces it is placed on.

The rotation can be set to either clockwise, counterclockwise, or a combination of both, and there are five different speed settings ranging from the lowest 650 to the highest at 1,800. turns-per-day.

Large and small watches fit effortlessly into this case, and are easily viewed through the clear glass viewing window.

However, be prepared to pay the price for a product such as this – quality of this caliber doesn’t run cheap. That being said, it does lack some aesthetic features that may have made this product nicer.

Pros: Winds up to 8 watches at once, and the way it stands up allows it to save a lot of space.
Cons: The unit has no lights and it can only be powered through the AC power cable. It does not take batteries.
Bottom Line: If you have a lot of watches that all need to be wound at once, this is one of the better quality products on the market.

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