Warmrails WHC Hyde Park 39 Inch Towel Warmer Review

Just like in the hotels, this luxuriously large towel rack is just what you need to have your towels perfectly placed for when you exit the shower.

This is a floor standing rack, and, like the name suggests, it is 39 inches high. It is also 24 inches wide, so while it will easily hold your towel lengthwise, you may need to fold it in half to get it to fit on the width.

This product can easily hold 2 towels for maximum warmth.

Of course, it is not limited to simply towels; you can hang your clothes as well to keep them warm, so that as soon as you are out of the shower, you are warm.

It plugs into any standard US outlet, and uses less electricity than if you were to dry your towels in a dryer. It’s handy and efficient for that out of shower burst of warmth.

This product has mixed reviews over all, but there are glowing reviews that state this product does everything they need and more.

Pros: Small enough to fit in medium and large bathrooms, and holds two thick towels for warming easily.
Cons: Depending on how the towels are hung, they may not be heated evenly.
Bottom Line: It’s a stylish towel warmer and rack that will look great in any modern bathroom.

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