Warmly Yours 4 Bar Towel Warmer Review

An interesting take on the towel warmer rack, the WarmYours 4 bar towel warmer implements an interesting, heating-element style rack to warm your towels while you shower.

It is 28.5 inches high and 16 inches wide, which is great for longer towels if you drape them over the top most rung, but less fantastic for very wide towels. Folding wide towels in half should satisfy the width restriction.

Alternatively, you can also hang two shorter towels to get the most out of your heating experience. To save space, this rack is wall mounted, and can swing on hinges to remove it from the wall when in use.

Some of the most prominent complaints about this product is that it does not heat the towels all the way.

Due to the spacing of the rungs, it does appear that the towel should at least get spots of heating throughout, but many buyers state that the only heat their towels get is from the rung which the towel is hung.

This is problematic, as the rack itself is not cheap.

Meanwhile, other buyers say that yes, the towel warmer does work as intended, but it doesn’t get hot enough to make the towels toasty. More or less a lukewarm towel. Even still, there are customers that are happy with the product and have had the model for years.

Pros: The design allows for large or small towels to be draped over the rungs.
Cons: Doesn’t necessarily heat as it is described, so buyer beware when purchasing this item.
Bottom Line: The hinges make for a unique twist on the wall-mounted design, making this towel warmer a little nicer than it’s competitors.

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