LCM Home Fashion 6 Bar Towel Warming Rack Review

Towel warming bins are ideal when you want a warm towel after a hot shower, and can greatly extend feelings of relaxation even after the water has been turned off.

However, the boxes can heat your towels unevenly, resulting in cold spots.

With the LCM towel warming rack, you don’t have to worry as much about uneven heating, as you can simply drape the towel over all of the bars to get a more complete heat along the entirety of the towel. Warm multiple towels at once, or use the rack as a drying stand for the next time.

This towel rack can either stand on the floor, or it can be mounted to the wall to save space in a cramped bathroom.

When standing on the legs, it is about 13.5 inches deep. Wall mounting this product takes up about 5 inches, plus it leaves the floor for other things. The LCM towel warmer stands at 35 inches high and 22 inches wide, making it ideal for many different widths and lengths of towels.

Multiple towels warming at the same time may reduce how warm outer towels get.

Pros: Large enough to hold many towels at once, and dries towels faster than if you leave them out to hang on their own.
Cons: There is no auto shut off, so if you leave it on overnight, it eats electricity.
Bottom Line: Get a socket adapter with a timer to shut off electricity after a certain time to ensure that this product is not left on if you forget about it.

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