Homeleader 100W Towel Warmer and Drying Rack Review

This towel warmer by Homeleader looks great and works even better. If what you are looking for is a sleek, smooth, towel drying rack that holds and warms your towels for a “fresh from the dryer” feeling, then this may be the product for you.

It is 32 inches high and 25 inches wide, a very balanced height to width ratio that ensures fitting at least two towels simultaneously on this rack.

This sleek product has an inline switch to turn the heating element on and off, but does not have any auto shut off to speak of.

The flexible nature of this towel rack is also admirable. Not that it can twist to hold more towels, but you can easily change it from a standing rack to a wall mounted rack easily, depending on what you need.

The material the Homeleader towel rack is made of is designed to eliminate first-time odors that are attributed to burning electronics.

A joy to have in the bathroom; nothing beats a warmed towel after a refreshing shower.

Pros: Warms the towel to a modest temperature: not too hot, not too cold.
Cons: It doesn’t warm the towels all the way through, and leaves some spots cooler than others.
Bottom Line: It’s a relatively effective towel warmer that makes your towels or clothes a little nicer to slide into when you come out of the shower.

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