Conair Towel Warmer and Drying Rack Review

The Conair towel warmer and drying rack is a product you put in your bathroom if you want style and function.

This product is a free standing structure that looks like a heat element, and is used to hold your towels while you shower. Its primary function is to warm your towels, so that when you exit the shower, there is a toasty warm towel waiting for you.

When you are done drying off, turn off the element and hang your towels to dry. Easy installation and use makes this product a must have.

It stands at 32 inches high and 24 inches wide, can hold two towels comfortably, and four towels if you don’t mind the ends dragging on the floor a little. Depending on how warm you want your towels, you can stack your towels so that the upper most towel traps in heat, thus making it warmer for the other towels.

Unfortunately, this warmer rack has decidedly mixed reviews: most buyers either say that it works great without issue, or it works terribly and only heats up the part of the towel that is touching. Of course, with these sorts of racks, it is the risk you run. Thankfully, there is a return policy if you aren’t happy.

Pros: If it works, it works well and leaves your towels nice and warm for when you get out of the shower.
Cons: If it doesn’t work, what you have is an expensive, but stylish, towel holder.
Bottom Line: It may be worth it to shop around first; there are other models that have much more positive reviews.

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