Conair Therma Luxe PTW1 Towel Warmer Review

A warm bath or shower is best followed by a warm towel or warm pajamas. But putting either in the dryer is not only a waste of electricity, it defeats the purpose of having your garments right there to grab.

The Conair Therma Luxe towel warmer is perfect for putting your towels or pajamas to heat up while you relax. The unit is small enough to be conveniently stored in your bathroom, but big enough to hold towels, pajamas, or even a thinner bathrobe for warming.

This convenience makes the unit and ideal candidate for all your bathroom warming needs.

The soft white towel warmer is portable, as it connects to any standard outlet easily. Move it from your bathroom to your bedroom to warm up your outfit before you get dressed.

The heating element takes about 15 minutes to heat your clothes, and shuts off as soon as the internal temperature reaches a certain point. At that point, your towels should be good to go. It should be noted that this unit works best with thinner items, as the heating element is on the bottom.

Because of this placement, rolling up your towels will leave them cooler in some places, and warm in others.

Pros: Portable and small enough to put virtually anywhere makes this a great multi-purpose garment heater.
Cons: Because of where the heating element is, you have to be careful how you put your clothes in to get the most even heat.
Bottom Line: This unit works best for smaller items of clothing and thinner towels; thicker towels will not be heated as thoroughly.
Conair Therma Luxe PTW1 Towel Warmer
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