Brookstone Towel Warmer Review

Nothing beats a warm towel straight out of the shower.

You’re cold, you’re wet, you’re exposed to the air, and a regular towel just doesn’t feel as nice. Enter the towel warmer; a handy device that takes your towels and warms them up to a nice toasty temperature.

The Brookstone towel warmer is one such product, holding up to two towels at once to warm for when you get out. This trashcan sized device is easy to use; simply put in your towels and press the button. In about ten minutes, you will have ultra warm towels ready for when you get out. If you take longer than ten minutes to have a shower, then the towels will stay warm for you for about 20 minutes.

While it does warm your towels, it is not designed to warm anything else. It is imperative that you do not allow children to play in or around this product as they can suffer serious burns.

Care should be taken when retrieving your towel as the inside of this product can reach temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unfortunately, this product is not known among its buyers for being long lasting. At most, the product lasts a few months before something goes awry.

Pros: Warms your towels quickly for when you get out of the shower.
Cons: Serious design flaw that causes the heating element to break after a few months of use.
Bottom Line: Better to shop around first before settling on this product, or wait for it to go on sale before buying.
Brookstone Towel Warmer
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