Amba RWH-CB Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer Review

A hot shower in the evening opens your pores to the cool air after you’ve turned off the shower. Wrapping up in a towel is comforting, but a warm towel makes your shower feel more complete.

The Amba RHW-CB is a wall mounted towel warming rack that makes drying off feel luxurious. Simply weave the towels onto the bars for an all over warm that you can apply directly out of the shower.

Alternatively, you can use this rack to dry your towels after each shower. Both the horizontal and the vertical bars of this 31 inch rack heat up to better distribute warmth throughout your garments.

This product is made of stainless steel, and heats up completely when you press the integrated on/off switch. It is important to note that the entire rack heats up when on, vertical bars included. This is a bit of a strange design choice, as towels do not go on the vertical bars.

With this rack, caution should be exercised; if you happen to accidentally grab the vertical bars when it is hot, you will burn yourself. There is also no automatic shut off, so if you happen to forget you’ve left it on, your hand will show it.

Pros: Heats the towels more completely than a box heater.
Cons: Lack of obvious safety features puts you and your family at risk if someone forgets to turn off the heating element.
Bottom Line: If it was safer to handle, it would make an ideal product. It works, but you have to be careful and ensure that you turn it off after each use.

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