Amba RSWH-B Hardwired Radiant Square Towel Warmer Review

The Amba RSWH-B towel warmer, like others of the same name, is a wall mounted towel warmer and dryer for when you need a warm hug after a refreshing shower.

This stainless steel product heats up entirely, offering a complete warming experience that leaves no spot unheated. The horizontal and the vertical bars heat up when the on switch is pressed, and will continue to heat your garments until the product is switched off. This ensures that your towels stay warm until you are ready for them. Simply switch off the towel warmer when you are finished.

The RSWH-B does not have any additional safety features, such as an automatic shut-off. It relies entirely on the manual on/off switch present near the bottom.

As a result, failure to turn off the Amba towel warmer means it will eat electricity until you remember to turn it off. It is wall mounted, and is about 32 inches high by 24 inches long, and only juts out 4.5 inches from the wall. This makes it a space saving alternative to bulky, “portable” box towel warmers.

Pros: Heats and dries towels quickly and efficiently.
Cons: No automatic shut off in case you forget to turn the thing off when you’re done.
Bottom Line: Invest in an automatically timed outlet and you have yourself a pretty good towel warmer for a reasonable price.

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