Amba RHW-SP Radiant Straight Hardwired Towel Warmer Review

This wall mounted Amba towel rack is ideal for heat dispersion when warming up your towels or robes.

The horizontal bars heat up to allow for greater warmth distribution, and the vertical bars are used to heat up bathrobes. Just be careful when retrieving your garments, as this product does not have a safety shut off that starts the cooling process.

The bars are hot up until you turn the switch off. The advantage of this is that there is no chance of your towels cooling while you are still in the shower.

It looks sleek, and it’s big enough to hold one big towel or a couple of smaller ones. The numerous racks enable you to stagger and stack clothing items as well for easy grabbing. It would be nice if this product had an auto shut off for safety, but if you are careful it should not cause any problems.

Works wonderfully as a heating tool and as a drying aid for towels, clothes, and robes. In the winter months, you can even use this to heat up and dry off socks that have gotten wet from the snow.

Pros: Works great as a towel warmer, and because it only sticks out 4.5 inches from the wall, it saves space.
Cons: An auto shut-off feature would go a long way to saving energy as well as preventing accidental burns.
Bottom Line: Works wonderfully as a towel warmer and dryer all year long.

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