Whamisa Organic Leaf / Root Facial Skin Toner for Men Review

A facial cleansing routine isn’t complete without applying toner, a specially formulated solution that helps balance your skin’s pH, protects, and refreshes your face after every wash.

Whamisa Organic skin toner contains about 97% organic materials, and contains no parabens or chemical preservatives. This means that with every application, you are getting more beneficial vitamins and minerals back into your skin, leaving you with healthier skin overall.

This product is especially beneficial for those with oily skin; the compounds used in this solution are chosen specifically to help control oils in the skin, and cleans deep in the pores to help keep dirt and other irritants out.

The light bamboo scent also doubles as a fantastic mild aftershave balm, so you can smell good as well as feel good all day long. Use this toner after you are done cleaning your face, but before putting on lotion for the best effect.

While this is designed for oily skin, all skin types can benefit from this product. It is made from organic ingredients such as licorice, aloe, and dandelion, so even sensitive skin can feel how refreshingly cleansing this toner is.