TreeActiv Balancing Herbal Toner Review

This herbal toner by TreeActiv contains effective natural ingredients to give your face the attention it deserves.

Witch hazel, tea tree oil, clary sage, and rose water are all included in this product’s ingredient list, and each of these ingredients plays an integral part of this toner. Witch hazel is designed to help clean out the pores, letting them breath and then tightening them to prevent dirt and irritants from getting in.

Tea tree oil is a disinfectant, and takes the place of alcohol in this alcohol-free product. Clary sage is also a disinfectant, and has high concentrations of organic compounds that your skin craves. As for rose water, it acts as an anti-inflammatory to help prevent acne breakouts, as well as being rich in vitamins A & E to maintain skin elasticity.

The best thing about this product is it is a spray-on toner. You don’t have to pour it into your hand, or put it on a cotton ball; just spray the product on your skin and let it air dry.

This ensures that your pores clean out fully, and then close without putting dirt or bits of cotton in your skin.