Keihl’s Oil Eliminator Toning Mist Spray Review

For men with oily skin, shine can be a bothersome problem.

Keihl’s oil eliminator is a fine, spray on mist that helps control the oils on your face while also putting in vitamins and minerals that your skin may be lacking.

It cools the skin down, and helps close the pores after you have finished washing your face, tightening the skin and giving you a younger, healthier complexion.

The key ingredients in this product are glycerin and menthol.

Glycerin is used to help retain moisture and elasticity in the skin, so while this toner does tighten the pores and the skin, it never feels too tight on your face. Menthol is a refresher, leaving your face lightly tingling so you know that it’s working.

Men who have experienced this product not only love the way their face feels after use, but they love the long-lasting effects of the product on their face.

There is less oil, less shine, and they notice fewer breakouts than with other products. For a refreshing clean that lasts throughout the day, Keihl’s spray-on facial toner is definitely worth a look.