Geneva Naturals Clarifying Face Toner Review

This clarifying toner from Geneva Naturals uses only natural ingredients such as lavender, green tea, tea tree oil, and edelweiss extract.

If you suffer from oily skin or aggressive acne outbreaks, these ingredients are sure to help regain your skin’s natural balance.

Green tea, for instance, is a powerful antioxidant and natural cleanser, designed to help clean out the pores and put back valuable vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, tea tree oil (often found in beard oil) is a well-known anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent, which will greatly help with cleaning off your skin and making it feel incredibly fresh.

This product has a fantastic scent to it, one that doesn’t have a strong floral scent, but it also doesn’t smell too badly like tea-tree oil either. It’s a very refreshing and rejuvenating product, and after the first wash, you’ll notice how much better your skin feels.

Customers love this product because it’s alcohol free, and doesn’t use any manufactured chemicals that may dry out your skin.

Ideal for men with oily or problem skin, but is suitable for all skin types.

Because Geneva Naturals toner uses only natural products, the price is a little bit much for only 4 ounces of product, but it is ultimately better for your skin.