Truewhite Advanced Teeth Whitening System Review

The Truewhite Advanced Teeth Whitening System is the perfect system for two people. It contains double the syringes and beaching trays, and has an LED light to expedite the whitening process.

It is designed to be pain and hassle free, with results after a single treatment. The package claims that it is suitable for couples or siblings, and backs this up by providing nearly double of the required equipment. However, it does only come with one LED light.

This product is great for people who want a fast and affordable method of whitening teeth. If you’ve tried every method under the sun and are running out of options, the Truewhite system might be the fit for you.

The majority of reviews are positive, with many people seeing a quick turnaround time on their results. Great for removing coffee, wine, or other staining residue off of your teeth. Enjoy the kind of results you can usually only get at a dentists office.

Pros: Works fast and it works well, with enough product for two people. If you only use one, you can keep the other as a backup.
Cons: Can cause a burning sensation on the gums, and may bleach gums if care is not taken.
Bottom Line: As long as you read the instructions carefully, using this product won’t be any more harmful than going to the dentist.