SparkleBrite Professional At Home 3D Whitening Kit Review

Another product with an LED accelerator light, the SparkleBrite Home Whitening Kit provides fast and effective whitening with their own gel solution.

This kit comes with a mouthpiece, holder, gel, and syringes to put the gel in the mouthpiece. There is also an LED to help the whitening process, and you can see results in a single treatment, and years of stains are removed in as few as three treatments. This is the ultimate home use kit to give you dentist-grade white teeth in just a couple of days.

The gel formula and the application system have been tested as being 100% safe for home use, and it is exceptionally simple to use, resulting in a hassle free whitening experience. Included in the kit is enough gel to last for 10-12 applications, though you won’t need all of it to begin seeing results.

Molding the mouthpiece is easy as well; put the mouthpiece in very hot water to soften for about three to five seconds, then pop in your mouth to mold to your teeth.

Pros: Easy to use, and has plenty of solution to carry you through weeks of treatments.
Cons: May not work for some people; some reviewers posted varying results.
Bottom Line: It is fairly effective at taking years of stains off your teeth, though you need to read instructions carefully to see the best result.