Dr. Song Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit Review

This is a phenomenal whitening kit to use when you want dentist grade whitening in your home.

This kit features both whitening gel and remineralization gel to ensure that your teeth are white as well as healthy. There is also a LED accelerator that acts on the gel to make it work faster than if you simply apply the solution on its own.

The whitening solution used contains carbamide peroxide, found in many market brand whiteners.

This is a maximum strength product, and as such may cause discomfort or irritation to those with sensitive teeth and gums.

It is important to keep track of how you feel while using this product, as some reviewers report having adverse effects when using the gel. Most people, however, say that this product works wonders, and say that it really does work as intended. Everything that comes with the kit is universal, but you can mold the mouthpiece to your teeth for a unique fit that best suits your mouth.

Pros: Affordable and effective technology right in your own bathroom.
Cons: May cause sensitivity and discomfort after or during use.
Bottom Line: Hard working product at a very small costs, though can cause some undesirable pain.