AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Have you ever wanted a tooth whitening procedure, but have neither the time nor the money to sit in a dentists chair?

The AuraGlow home whitening treatment takes just 30 minutes of your day, and you can easily see results after just one treatment. This whitening procedure uses Cabamide Peroxide, a solution used specifically to clean and white. When used with your regular dental hygiene routine, you can have television ready teeth in as little as a week.

This kit includes 2 5ml whitening gel syringes, which is good for up to 20 treatments. The mouthpiece has a light that helps expedite the whitening process, and a built in timer beeps every 10 minutes to ensure that you keep the gel on for the correct amount of time.

The mouthpiece is a “one size fits all”, meaning there is no molding required, unlike other competing systems which require additional steps to mold the mouthpiece to your teeth.

Pros: Easy to use and set up, plus it contains refills good for several weeks.
Cons: While there are no tooth sensitivities, gums can be irritated by the peroxide solution.
Bottom Line: One of the cheaper, easier to use systems on the market.