Zack 40000 Puro Bathroom Squeegee Review

Looking for a modern age shower squeegee that goes with the rest of your bathroom?

Tired of having handles that are too short, too long, or hold onto moisture like a camel holds in water?

The Zack Puro bathroom squeegee may just be what you need.

What is unique about this squeegee is that it actually has no handle. This may seem like an odd design choice, and it is, but it does still work very well in comparison to other models on the market. Holding this handle-less product does take some getting used to; some buyers have described it as being akin to pulling down a window shade.

However, it should not take too long before you get in the rhythm of squeegeeing your shower with this innovative tool.

The body of this product is made from brushed stainless steel, and the rubber scraper is fastened firmly onto the body.

The manufacturer claims that this product is non breakable, but it is unclear whether they mean the stainless steel body or the short rubber scraper.

Accidents do happen, but because the rubber scraper is attached to the steel body, replacements are out of the question. If you do manage to somehow crack the rubber, you are looking at purchasing another squeegee. Have no worries, because for the price that the Zack Puro Squeegee is listed at, it should last you a long time.

Pros: Sleek, elegant, and modern design with no ugly handles to detract from your pristine modern bathroom.
Cons: Aside from being rather expensive, it’s all one piece and doesn’t have a handle which limits control somewhat.
Bottom Line: If you absolutely have to have a modern squeegee for your bathroom, this is about as modern as it’s going to get.

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