InterDesign Forma Shower Door Window Mirror Squeegee Review

Modern decorating got a little easier with fashionable squeegees to hang in your showers. The InterDesign Forma shower squeegee is the perfect blend of elegance and class, with a brushed bronze look that’s sure to tie the whole bathroom together.

This squeegee features a 12 inch blade for optimal shower cleaning, and a 7 inch handle to allow even larger hands to grab comfortably.

The blade is made of a super pliable material that slides across flat and textured glass effortlessly, meaning you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the things you love.

The body is made out of metal, and also comes in colors such as brushed stainless steel and clear. This gives you ultimate control over what you decide to display in your bathroom. To hang this squeegee, there is a handy hoop on the end of the handle that allows you to hang it on a hook virtually anywhere.

Because it is made of mostly metal, you do run the risk of scratching ad scraping your delicate glass windows, but if you are careful it should not be too much of a problem.

One thing that buyers do note, however, is that occasionally the squeegee will make a horrific squeaking noise. Other than that, it is a cheap and effective product that cleans your windows.

Pros: Wide rubber blade ensures fast and effective window cleaning.
Cons: May sometimes screech when squeegeeing, which is rather unpleasant in a large, echoing bathroom.
Bottom Line: If you don’t mind your squeegee yelling at you sometimes, this makes for a stylish addition to any bathroom at a price that can’t be beat.

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