InterDesign Bathroom Squeegee Blade Review

The InterDesign bathroom squeegee does a clean shower differently. Where regular squeegees are blade and handle, with the option to remove the blade for easy replacement, the InterDesign is all blade, removing the handle entirely.

This creates some interesting usage differences.

Without a handle, controlling the squeegee results in simply holding the blade at an angle and dragging down. When you are done, hang up the blade for use next time. The blade is very stiff, and does not allow for a lot of flexibility.

For flat glass shower stalls, this is theoretically ideal as you can get every bit of water in one go. For ripples or dips in the glass, it is significantly harder to get all the mist in one sweep.

The same goes for tiled bathroom walls.

In practice, even with flat bathroom surfaces it appears that this squeegee is virtually unusable.

The product is so stiff that trying to capture all of the water without streaking is a dream yet to be achieved. Controlling the squeegee with wet hands also seems to have it’s own problems.

Sleek and modern in design, but it appears this product should have been left at the drawing board.

Pros: Takes up very little space in the shower, making storage a breeze.
Cons: The plastic is very stiff, making maneuvering around the glass difficult at best, virtually impossible at worst.
Bottom Line: Get a soft rubber squeegee with a handle; it may be easier in the long run.

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