E-PRANCE Shower Window Squeegee Review

Streaking is a huge problem when you use cheap squeegees to clean your glass. You want something that is easy to handle while also leaving your shower doors spotless.

Cheap plastic squeegees get warped over time, and if you have a foam handle, it quickly becomes a bacterial breeding ground. For these problems, and many more, you want a metal shower squeegee.

The E-PRANCE shower squeegee is ideal if you want a streak and spot free shower. This squeegee can be used on tile, glass, mirrors, as well as for jobs outside of the bathroom such as cars and windows.

It’s a great way to ensure that all of your glass and mirror cleaning needs are met.

This metal squeegee is made from a zinc alloy to prevent rusting, plus it does not hold on to bacteria the same way a plastic or foam handle will. The downside to this is that is does become a bit slippery to hold if your hands are wet, but working with dry hands should not pose too much of an issue.

The blade is 10 inches long, and the handle is 7 inches, making for a compact but effective way to thoroughly clean your shower in a short amount of time.

The blades are reversible, so when you are done with one side, you can simply unlatch the blade to flip it around. Refills are also very common, and can be sold in most hardware stores.

Pros: Sleek metal handle looks good in the bathroom, and the reversible blades ensure a longer life out of one single blade.
Cons: It’s metal, so if it’s dropped you run the risk of denting, cracking, or breaking tile and glass.
Bottom Line: It’s a sturdy squeegee that does what it needs to do; no fancy bells or whistles, just mist and grime scraping goodness.

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