Desired Tools Squeegee Review

When using a squeegee for small jobs, such as cleaning mirrors or getting into tight, hard to reach corners (such as for a car), a large blade just won’t cut it.

The Desired Tools squeegee is perfect for hard to reach places and small scale jobs due to its size. This plastic squeegee possesses 8 inches of dual blade, ideal for car windows, bathroom mirrors, and glass doors.

Because of two blades instead of one, it collects additional moisture that single blade squeegees miss on the first swipe, eliminating the need to go over the same spots again. This makes for an efficient way to clean even with a smaller blade, meaning less time wasted cleaning, and more time doing what you love.

The handle is surrounded with a thick foam which helps maintain a firm grip while cleaning your shower.

It’s ergonomically designed to be easy on the hands, and comfortable during use. The handle is about 10 inches long, and is not telescopic which means you will have to reach to get at some places, but it fits very well for most projects.

One of the downsides is the foam may retain moisture, and the dual blades need frequent cleaning to keep mold and mildew from growing in the cracks. Otherwise, it is a very solid piece that works for what you need it for.

Pros: Small, lightweight, plastic squeegee does not scratch glass and works for most small doors, windows and mirrors, with the exception of standard car side mirrors.
Cons: The spongy handle does hold onto water and soap, which may result in mold building up with consistent use.
Bottom Line: As long as this is kept out of the water, and your hands are reasonably dry during its use, this squeegee should work decently well for any shower.

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