Cleret iDO Shower Squeegee Review

The problem with metal shower squeegees is that they are significantly heavier to that of plastic, and, when dropped, can damage your floor or seriously injure your foot.

Using metal squeegees also opens up the risk of scratching your delicate glass surfaces permanently. With the Cleret iDo shower squeegee, you don’t have to worry about scratched surfaces or broken toes again.

This 3.9 ounce tool is made from plastic and rubber, meaning it is lightweight and safe for delicate surfaces. No more worrying about leaving a scar on your expensive glass shower. Additionally, this squeegee employs a revolutionary 2 blade technology that leaves surfaces cleaner than single blade window wipers.

The blades measure in at 12 inches long, which helps to cover a lot of area at once for extremely fast cleaning.

They are also stacked so that the shorter of the blades gets the majority of the water and fog, while the longer one catches everything that may be left over. This results in a virtually streak free clean that leaves your shower pristine.

The blades are durable, and are guaranteed to last even with multiple people showering every day, but should the blades break, they can be replaced for cheap.

The ergonomic handle design is comfortable to hold, and also stylish enough to leave in plain sight. To store, simply use the attached wall mount to stick onto any smooth flat surface.

Pros: Long dual blades ensure that your shower stall is as clean as when you first got inside.
Cons: The wall mount does not work very well, and the dual blades do have a tendency to hang onto moisture, requiring constant cleaning to prevent mold buildup.
Bottom Line: The dual blades, for all of their benefits, do present some problems that are not necessarily present in single bladed squeegees.

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