Blomus Shower Squeegee Review

Handles are overrated, or at least, that’s what the Blomus shower squeegee would have you believe.

This sleek and modern shower squeegee is everything you need to get your shower nice and clean. The single piece contains no jutting handles, instead choosing to go with an easily grasped stainless steel body that is dragged down to slide off water. The body of the Blomus squeegee is made from stainless steel, designed to not rust while also being virtually indestructible.

The only foreseeable problem with this design is that if you are not careful, you could have a new scratch all down your clean glass shower.

The blade is made of rubber, and is attached firmly to the stainless steel body. This design makes refills impossible, but luckily, the blade is very strong and should last through months of showers.

It is 9 inches long, just perfect for getting the entire shower done within minutes, but it could have probably been longer given that using this product is a little awkward at first.

Overall, it’s a perfectly modern approach to squeegees that looks great in modern and conventional bathrooms.

Pros: The single rectangular piece means it does not take up space while storing, and comes with it’s own hanging strap to hang over the shower head.
Cons: If the rubber blade breaks, it’s going to mean buying another squeegee.
Bottom Line: Fairly good quality squeegee that adequately cleans the shower, with minimal streaking to speak of.

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