Pre de Provence Shave Soap Tin Review

While a solid shaving soap is great for at home, it becomes rather cumbersome to carry with you while traveling. You need to get a whole other container to pack your shaving soap in, along with the rest of your beard care products.

Pre de Provence has a shave soap that comes in a tin, and while it has less soap all around, it is more convenient for home use as well as for travel. Take your soap wherever you go, without having to worry about it spilling out all over your bag.

This soap contains numerous skin healthy ingredients like shea butter, which aids in making your skin soft and smooth. The ingredients in this soap also contribute to a thick lather and a smooth, hassle-free shave for weeks of use. While the tin is small, there is a lot of soap contained within, and you won’t be running out any time soon.

There are some ingredients in this mostly natural soap that may cause some unintended reactions. However, none of the ingredients listed in this soap should have adverse effects on your health. For men with sensitive skin, there may be some irritation, but otherwise it is safe to use.

Many reviewers love this soap for the lather, but the trait that stands out the most is the scent. It has a mild herb scent, one that is barely there, but still noticeable. It is fresh and clean, and while it doesn’t leave your skin tingling, there is a definite feeling of freshness that lingers for days after the initial shave.