Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap Review

This is one of the best shaving soaps on the market today, not just because it is fairly inexpensive, but because it works.

This shaving soap is made from wool fat, a softening agent used in some natural soaps to increase softness of the face. This soap has little to no scent attributed to it, which makes it great for people with fragrance sensitivities. For those with extra-sensitive skin, this soap does not seem to aggravate even delicate skin.

You will enjoy the softness after every shave; this shaving soap allows you to get a closer than every shave as the thick lather contains ingredients that allow the razor to glide over hair as though it wasn’t there. These ingredients include glycerin and tallow, both of which have additional uses in the shaving soap, such as leaving your skin very soft to the touch.

This soap, while not made with 100% natural ingredients, is still ideal for those who want a more subtle and less irritating shave. Reviewers do not report any razor burn or bumps, and fewer nicks and scratches than other competing soaps. It is one of the best selling shaving soaps because of its performance.

To use, simply wet the soap with warm water, let it sit and warm up, then lather with the brush. Once you have a good, strong lather going (which shouldn’t take more than a few seconds), liberally spread it on your beard. After that, you are good to begin shaving. You may notice that you brush your razor off less, and your blade comes out clean after every stroke. This is what Mitchell’s shaving soap does – it works for you.