Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap Review

Do you need a long lasting shaving cream that doesn’t dry out after only a few minutes?

The Henry Cavendish formula guarantees against this, providing you with a wet, luxurious lather all through the shaving process. Your face will be so smooth, comparing it to a newborn babe would be an insult. This lather is as thick as it is creamy, and you won’t regret throwing out your old drugstore brand soaps and creams after one use with this Himalaya shaving soap.

This soap has natural ingredients, and virtually no scent attributed to the lather. Fragrances can be distracting at best, and downright irritating at the worst. There is nothing worse than lathering up for a shave to find that you are sensitive to the fragrance used. This soap is safe for use on sensitive skin, as the oils and main ingredients are all derived from nature. You can enjoy that close shave without the bumps, cuts, and nicks.

The lather is nice and thick, ensuring a smooth glide of the razor the first time, and every time after that. Though it’s creamy like butter, it certainly doesn’t leave your face oily, and in fact the ingredients put those nutrients back into your skin. The lather also does not dry out while you are shaving, unlike cheaper made soaps. This is especially good for beginners who may not yet know their way around the wet shaving process. It gives you more time to process the art of the wet shave.

While this soap is a little more expensive than competing brands, the quality of this soap and the closeness of the shave will speak for itself.