Haslinger Schafmilch Shaving Soap with Sheep Milk and Lanolin Review

This Austrian soap company specializes in natural soaps made with real, natural ingredients. For this soap, the ingredient of choice comes from sheep. Sheep’s milk (schafmilch) is a natural additive that aids in the moisturization of the skin, as well as a whole host of other added benefits. There is also the ingredient lanolin, a wool wax product used to help the soap keep its shape.

For the closest natural shave, this soap certainly does the job well.

This sheep’s milk soap doesn’t have a strong scent, though it does have some fragrance attributed to it. It is pleasant to wear and even better to shave off of your face, and it results in a smooth, luxurious shave comparable to silk. Despite being made with natural ingredients, it produces a good, thick lather, which is ideal for cutting through thick, unruly beards. Even if you just want to trim and shape your facial forest, you can use this soap to adequately tame your stray hairs back into check.

After using this product, you will want to throw out your old shaving soap and creams. This is the soap to use if you want a nice smooth shave every day for the next several months; there is more than enough product in here to last you a good long while. By using a bowl, a bristly brush, and some swift swirling action, you are ready to apply the essence of the Austrian countryside on your face.

For this product, you may need a stiffer brush to really get a lather going, but once you do, it is easy to apply and then shave off.