eShave Shaving Soap with Bowl Review Review

If you are looking for a shaving soap that has variety and class, then you will want to check out eShave products. This company has taken the wet shave seriously and not only offers an assortment of scents to choose from, but also a variety of shaving bowls!

For someone who likes to mix things up, all of these selections will keep you on your toes. eShave offers three different scents: Mandarin, Lavender, and Avocado Oil with Linden. Each of these fragrances are subtle and pleasant without any overpowering qualities.

To top it all off, there are three different colored shave soap bowls to mix and match your soaps with; available in Nickel, Gun Metal, or Gold plated metals. Each refill for the bowl is $26, completely Paraben free, 100% natural, and contains no added SLS, SLES, or animal ingredients.

That’s already quite impressive in and of itself!

Besides the soap’s aesthetic qualities however, it also produces a wonderful lather. This is due to the extra-rich vegetable glycerin used.

The best results are seen when the soap is used with a badger hair brush and warm water. With the lather coating your face, there will be nothing but smooth shaving from there. Your skin will feel hydrated and refreshed thanks to the shea butter and avocado oil that can be found within the product’s ingredient list.

Without a doubt, eShave provides the best shave for your buck when it comes to purchasing a skincare product.  Each of their items are kept green by using minimal biodegradable packaging when shipping, so that you receive the best quality products for your skin; all why keeping the earth healthy. The lack of harmful ingredients and ability to customize your shaving experience are very worthwhile when choosing the best product for your shaving routine.