The Art of Shaving TAOS Soap with Bowl, Sandalwood Review

While this shave soap comes with a hefty price tag, it’s for very good reason. The Art of Shaving is a brand that is well prepared to help both aged and new wet shavers achieve the best shave possible. Their website is filled with helpful tips and tricks to aid you on your shaving journey, and even offers student discounts to make the whole process more affordable for those who need it!

There is no doubt that if you purchase the TAOS Soap, you will be happy you did. Not only because of the great customer care, but also due to the structure of the soap itself. Formulated with glycerin and coconut oil, with a lack of harmful ingredients, the soap creates a great lather that protects your skin and allows for a very close shave. Such a lather can be accomplished with multiple shave methods (i.e. soap to face, soap to mug to face). Even with the achievement of a fantastic lather, there is no need to worry about the product running out quickly. A little bit will go a long way, ensuring that you will have plenty shave soap to last quite a while. There is one other little fact that makes this product unique; the wooden box, made from a quality Teak wood, can be refilled!

The scent of the TAOS Soap is composed of sandalwood essential oil combined with a slight spicy aroma that is both calming and warm. While the lingering scent is strong, it’s not overwhelming and tends to fade slightly throughout the day. Those who like sandalwood will truly enjoy the woodsy scent of this product.

Overall, when purchasing the TAOS shave soap from The Art of Shaving, the only real downside is the price. But when compared to the quality of the ingredients, how long the soap will last you (typically around 9-12 months) and the added bonus of refilling the container itself, the price tag balances itself out quite nicely.