Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Review

The defacto standard when it comes to shaving creams, Taylor of Old Bond Street is typically the go to shaving cream for many men taking their first step into the wet shaving realm, and with good reason.

With its near lotion-like consistency yet impressive ability to whip up a luxurious lather, Taylor of Old Bond Street simply sets the standard when it comes to high quality shaving creams. The only other manufacturer that rivals the clout that Taylor of Old Bond Street has when it comes to old time shaving creams will be the Italian company, Poraso.

Established back in 1854 in the fashionable section of West End London by Jeremiah Taylor, Taylor of Old Bond Street was your grandfathers shaving cream – particularly their flagship Sandalwood scented cream.

To some, sandalwood is a “manly” scent giving a very earthy tone close to cedar with perhaps a light after note of vanilla. Thus making this shave cream for men and is unable to be shared in the bathroom like the Cremo shave cream that we recently reviewed.

If the scent of sandalwood is not your thing, don’t worry your in luck. Taylor of Old Bond Street also makes the shaving cream in the following scents:

  • Almond
  • Coconut
  • Grapefruit
  • Lavender
  • Lemon & Lime
  • Peppermint
  • Rose

Scents aside, the performance of this shaving cream will leave a trademark lather that is extremely rich without feeling too airy.  In addition, the texture of the cream when lathered properly will feel extremely slick. When applied to your face you should have an ample cushion that will deliver a comfortable shave that will leave your skin feeling well moisturized and extremely smooth.

The smoothness of your skin is amplified in this shaving cream due to the addition of glycerin in the ingredients. Glycerin, is a simple sugar alcohol compound that is a humectant (provide moisture) that is primarily used for folks with dryer skin or skin that is easily irritated and found in many luxury shaving creams like Poraso.

One of the required products for this shaving cream will be a shaving brush. While there might be some men who try to scoop out about a dime sized amount and rub it in their hands to create a lather, this simply won’t deliver the high performance that you are expecting and will deliver relatively flat results.

Instead, you have to options when trying to develop a lather for this product:

  1. Is to dip your hot damp shave brush in the Taylor of Old Bond Street bowl to just get the tips of the shave brush covered with the shaving cream (a little goes a long way with this product) and then to rub it into the palm of your hand in a circular motion. After about of minute, you should have a rich lather that you can then apply to your face. An alternative to this approach instead of using your hand is to just directly apply the shaving brush to your face and go over the area being shaved in a circular motion until you have your desired lather.  Either method will deliver similar results and is largely a personal preference.
  2. The secondary method and one recommended by wet shave experts is to have a separate scuttle. A scuttle is simply a bowl (typically ceramic) that you can mix your shaving cream in separately. To start just simply scoop out about a peanut sized amount of the shaving cream (you can always add more if necessary) and then with your damp shaving brush simply stir the shaving cream until desired results then apply to your face.

While the price point of this shaving cream may seem a bit on the higher side at $15, the long term value is well worth it.

With some men reporting that they were able to make a bowl last for nearly 6 months, you won’t be left feeling like you wasted your money on this shaving cream. Again, as we mentioned above, a little bit of this shaving cream is all thats required in order to build a rich lather for your morning shave.

While this shaving cream can be used on cartridge and wet electric shavers, its really reserved for the double edge safety razors and straight edge razors. If you are still using a cartridge razor and are beginning to dip your toe in the water and are testing out some higher end shaving creams, definitely give it a try as it will vastly improve the comfort of your shave if you are currently using a shaving gel that comes from a can.

For the double and straight edge razors, this shaving cream does provide enough of a cushion and lubrication to warrant its regular use.

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