Tabac Shaving Cream Review

This intense red packaging isn’t the only thing that will be grabbing your attention when it comes to this product. The Original Tabac shaving cream formula will have you feeling manly and elegant with its peppery, spicy highlights and exotic wood smells. While this may seem like a lot of scents to assault your nose with, the hints of spice and pepper are actually subtle and combine well with just enough floral to make this a pleasant soap smell that won’t linger long.

So who is the face behind such interesting scents?

West Coast Shaving company is fairly new with their products hitting the stores in 2007. They create such marvelous products with you at heart because to them, you aren’t just another face; you are family. Whether you are just starting out as a wet shaver or a seasoned expert, this company is there to fulfill your needs. They are even willing to talk you through the steps over the phone! With such great customer service, let’s take a look at the product they are so proud of.

Tabac shaving cream comes packaged in fiery red tube that makes for easy convenience while traveling. While it does not come with a metal rod to help get any remaining product out, that doesn’t seem to be a problem due to the style of the tube. Easy to access and no problem to use. On the tube there is an ingredient list that, while containing perfume, does not have any other harmful chemicals such as parabens.

So that’s a relief!

The ingredient that is most important in regards to making a good lather would be, of course, the addition of glycerin. Thanks to this wonderful liquid, the Tabac shaving cream creates a full and luxurious lather that makes the razor glide right over your face. It is super slick and will greatly prevent the occurrence of nicks, cuts, or razor burn.

To use this particular shaving cream, you can pick your favorite method of application. Whether you prefer using your fingers, a brush, or whipping up the lather in a bowl first, Tabac will work great with any one of these methods. To get the best amount of lather, it is recommended to use a few drops of distilled water, which will create a large amount of foam with a lot of cushion for your razor. Once you whip up your foam, simply wet your face thoroughly with warm water, apply the cream with your preferred method in circular motions, and shave in smooth strokes towards the direction of hair growth. Rinse your face with cool water when finished and pat dry with a clean towel.

If you are on a budget but still want a shaving cream that creates great lather with a slick shave, then this is the product for you. Tabac shaving cream can be purchased from the West Coast Shaving website or Amazon for $10, which is a real steal of a deal! If you decide to purchase this product, you will be receiving a cream that has a manly fragrance with a woodsy elegance, a great lather with plenty of cushion, and an affordable price tag.