Proraso Shaving Cream with Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil Review

The green version of the Proraso Shaving Cream is considered the “general use” shaving cream of the Proraso line up. The other variants of the Proraso shaving cream family include sensitive skin (white variant), moisturizing and nourishing (red variant), and protective and moisturizing (light blue).

For many that are new to the Proraso brand or wet shaving in general will typically start with the green version given its general use properties.  This version of the Proraso shave cream lineup is by and far the most widely distributed and are more than likely able to pick this up at a nearby corner store (we picked up ours at the local boutique pharmacy around the corner).

The cost of this shaving cream tallied up at $11 from our local pharmacy, however it is available through online retailers like Amazon at a cheaper price. Therefore if you are looking to save a buck and can patiently wait for the mail, the latter option will likely be better.

To understand shaving creams its always important to know a bit about the manufacturer behind the blend and a bit of their heritage – the last thing you will want to be doing is using a product from a fly-by-night company that may provide an inferior product.

Proraso was founded by Ludovico Martelli in Florence in 1930. Proraso is by and far one of the more seasoned and notable shaving cream companies within the market. Another old time shaving cream from Europe that Proraso is most commonly compared to would be either Taylor of Old Bond Street or Geo F. Trumper’s (commonly referred to by wet shave enthusiasts simply as Trumper’s).

To put it simply, given Proraso’s long history, it was your grandfathers shaving cream (and perhaps even your great grandfathers)!

So how does it stack up when compared to others on the market? Does it withstand the test of time?

Actually, yes!

Here’s why:

First lets touch on the ingredients, this Porarso shaving cream includes both eucalyptus oil and menthol. When applied initially to your face, it delivers a refreshing and cooling feeling that will linger long after you shave.

As advertised on the side of the box, this Proraso shaving cream contains none of the following:

  • Parabens
  • Silicones
  • Mineral Oils
  • SLS
  • Artificial Colors

If there is one suspect ingredient that does stand out on the list of their ingredients its the inclusion of parfum (fragrance). As stated over on the EWG website, the term “Fragrance” on the side of skin and beauty products can actually contain over 3,100 different types of chemicals. This leads it to have a very poor rating from a safety stand point. As we mentioned in our reviews of other shaving creams and soaps as well, while we can’t single out Proraso for having this ingredient in their product, we just wished it weren’t (especially since this shaving cream contains products like menthol that deliver bright wonderful scents).

Touching on scents a bit more, when you first squeeze this shaving cream out of the tube and begin to generate your lather, one of the first things you will notice is the smell of menthol.

The addition of menthol to this product will deliver what seems like a strong scent at first, however, during our testing we found it to dissipate after an hour or so. Therefore, if you regularly wear a cologne, you shouldn’t have any clashing of fragrances when using this shaving cream.

The most important part to any shaving cream is going to be the performance of the cream itself.

When testing the Proraso shaving cream, we found that the cream was rather forgiving when generating a lather. As opposed to other creams, we were able to generate a lather rather easily (typically about 30 to 45 seconds).

To mix our shaving lather we used a standard ceramic coffee mug, however if a mug or scuttle isn’t at your disposal, you can generate a later by loading up your brush and mixing the solution in your hand or even directly applying the loaded brush to your face. Any of the above mentioned lathering methods will be sufficient in order to perform a comfortable shave.

After generating a rich lather with our brush the cream was able to provide a nice foam and slick lubrication on our face. The bubbles of the lather were incredibly small and helped to provide that incredibly nice cushion.

Proraso stays well moisturized and hydrated so you won’t have to worry about the shaving cream running “dry” making you more susceptible to nicks when making the pass with the razor.

There wasn’t any sort of skipping experienced with this razor when making the initial pass with the razor nor the subsequent pass when re-lathering up to clean up any left over whiskers.

Ultimately the performance of this shaving cream will leave you free of general skin irritation and razor bumps.

This shaving cream will work great whether you plan on using with a cartridge razor, double edge safety razor, or your standard straight edge razor.