L’Occitane CADE Shaving Cream for Men Review

The most appealing aspect of this shaving cream is the kindness it shows to sensitive skin. And it is all thanks to a company that has your best intentions at heart.

L’Occitane is celebrating its 40th year in business, and it’s no surprise how they’ve grown so popular. Started in 1976 by young Oliver Baussan, a dream was born that wanted nothing more than to replace harsh chemicals in skincare products with natural oils. This company uses plants such as Lavender, Shea, Almond, Immortelle, and Cade (which is found in this specific cream) to make products that sooth and strengthen the skin.

While you may not be familiar with Cade essential oil, you will be surprised with how popular it really is.

Cade is the name of a specific prickly juniper that grows in the Mediterranean. When the oil is distilled from juniper branches, they produce a dark brown liquid with a slight tar scent.  Cade oil was introduced by French doctors into the medical world with the intent to treat skin irritation in the nineteenth-century and the technique has remained popular ever since. The use of Cade may not sound appealing at all initially when thinking about applying prickly juniper essence on your face, but once you hear about how wonderful it really is for skin your opinion might change.

So, what exactly does Cade oil do for your skin?

When Cade made its entrance into medicine, it was discovered that the oil could be used as an antiseptic with the ability to heal wounds and kill parasites. This was a perfect remedy for all kinds of different skin issues. Because of its antiseptic properties, the oil is perfect for anyone who may suffer from frequent skin irritation.

Besides Cade, this shaving cream has Shea butter and glycerin as two of the main ingredients; this ensures that on top of your face being soothed and inflammation free, the cream will also produce a wonderful lather that will ensure a nick free shave.

Thanks to the shea butter, your skin will stay hydrated all day long with a subtle scent that won’t overpower your favorite colognes.

While this shave cream carries a steep price tag, the natural ingredients far outweigh the amount of chemicals found in this cream; which makes the price well worth it.

To use this product, wet your face with hot water and then place a nut-sized amount onto your beard. If you prefer to use a natural bristle shaving brush, apply the same amount to the brush after dipping the bristles into warm water. Massage the product onto your face to create a full lather. Shave with gentle pressure in the direction of hair growth and after shaving, rinse with cold water. L’Occitane has many after shave products that will further moisturize and calm your skin, such as the Cade after shave balm.

When you purchase this shaving cream you will be buying excellent natural products, with a luxurious lather that will provide excellent moisture and protection for your face.