eShave Shave Cream Review

In the mid 70’s classic shaving had almost entirely fizzled out due to the new age shaving devices. It would have been a shame to see the modern man give up on such a classic style, and so, Danielle Malka set out to bring back the wet shave method. After starting out in just a living room office in 1996, the eShave company has grown to be available in 22 countries worldwide and have won multiple awards over the years. What makes this company so great is their desire to create quality products that take care of the customer’s needs.

The eShave Shave Cream has no harmful ingredients and enlists the help of essential oils and coconut oil to create a product that is kind to your skin. And, they have a secret to making this shaving cream last you for a long time! This cream will last you up to 4-6 months when used with a Badger Hair Shaving Brush, which makes it extremely economical in comparison to a can shaving cream. On top of that, if you are wanting a super luxurious lather, just use hotter water; the foam will react and become fuller.

This product is available in four different scents and are friendly to all skin types. The first three are for normal skin:

  • White Tea: A fresh scent with a slight hint of fruit that is perfect for any gentleman.
  • Orange Sandalwood: A traditional manly scent that has been given a little boost with Orange essence. This is perfect for a wakeup call in the morning to start your day nice and fresh.
  • Verbena Lime: Wake up your face with the soothing touch of Verbena and a zesty lime scent.
  • Lavender: The scent of Lavender is relaxing and rejuvenating all at the same time. Using this cream will calm you in an amazing way. Also for normal and sensitive skin.

Besides the amazing scents offered by this brand, the ingredient list has no Parabens, Sulfates, SLES, SLS, or animal ingredients. When buying this product, you are buying quality and safety for your skin. Specifically, this shave cream helps to open your pores and soften hair which makes the act of shaving pain free and always enjoyable. The major ingredient that plays a part in this is coconut oil.

I know, coconut oil is thought to fix everything. But should you really buy into all the hype about it?

Well, yes you should!

Coconut oil is extremely beneficial to the skin. Even if all the hype isn’t true, what is true is that coconut oil does the following:

  • It’s an excellent moisturizer: The oil melts into your skin without leaving any kind of residue behind, leaving your pores mess free and completely hydrated.
  • You will get a deep cleanse: Because our skin is constantly exposed to things such as harsh weather, sunlight, and dehydration, it is very important to cleanse the skin and remove any left-over skin cells that would slow down regeneration of the new skin. Coconut oil helps to soften the keratin caps and make exfoliation easier.
  • Acts as a shield against bacteria: Bacteria is everywhere and they are the main cause of acne. Coconut oil helps to protect the skin from pathogens which means that black heads and white heads will have a harder time forming inside the pores.
  • Offers protection from sunburn: This oil is a natural SPF 4, which won’t keep you protected all day, but it is a little protection against the everyday exposure to the sun’s rays.

What has been listed above are only a few of the many benefits coconut oil can offer, so the fact that this oil is included in the ingredient list is wonderful.

To use eShave cream, simply put a small amount onto your fingers or wet brush and massage onto the skin. The lather will raise the hair away from your face to provide the best situation for a really close shave.

Rinse completely with cold water when finished.

The best thing about this cream, is that while you are having to pay the price for it you are getting a product that will last a long time and is totally beneficial to the overall health of your skin and not just out to get a good shave. Needless to say, it will be well worth its weight in gold!