Cremo Shave Cream Review

Cremo Shave Cream is a renegade compared to the other popular shave creams on the market today.

With its solution designed to not create a thick foamy lather nor required to use a shaving brush for application, it’s breaking a long standing traditions that wet shaving enthusiasts have adhered to for several years.

Cremo Concentrated Shave Cream is a latherless shaving cream that provides a close shave without all the fluff. Primarily applied to your skin with just your hands, its an extraordinarily slick shave cream that provides a thick lubrication while helping to provide a comfortable shave that leaves your skin free of irritation and razor bumps.

Unlike of of the most popular shaving creams on the market today like Taylor of Old Bond Street or Poraso, Cremo’s shaving cream is different given its application doesn’t leave a rich foamy lather like the market leaders.

Cremo’s dared to be different on this front by explaining that the reason for this is due in large part that traditional shaving cream lathers contain a lot of air when mixed in the scuttle or shaving bowl. They claim that when these air pockets within the lather form, the likelihood of nicks and general irritation will also increase. The absence of air Cremo’s shave cream allows for a barrier between both your skin and blade to only be the cream itself.

While wet shave enthusiasts may be accustomed to using a shave brush to apply their shaving cream due to its nature of providing a gentle exfoliation along with raising your hairs on edge for a cleaner cut, this isn’t necessary while applying this shaving cream. In fact, Cremo states that you can simply apply this product directly with your hands after you have applied hot water to your skin for about 30 seconds as the solution is water activated.

If you aren’t ready to part with your shaving brush and scuttle quite yet, don’t be alarmed, you absolutely can still use your existing shaving tools, they just simply aren’t necessary. Should you decide to use your shave brush you will naturally create a bit more of a lather as opposed to using your hands, however performance will largely be the same between both application methods.

Regarding the scent of the Cremo Shaving Cream, it was mostly comprised of citrus based notes. This is likely due to the mixture of Lemon and Papaya extracts contained within this product along with the generic Fragrance ingredient.

Overall we felt that scents for the product is very much one that is unisex. Therefore we feel that this can be both comfortably shared between both men and women in the bathroom with out one gender feeling overly masculine or feminine.

One common point of confusion regarding this product is that given its not like most other shaving creams on the market (regarding the lather), novice shaving enthusiasts may easily confuse this product with popular pre shave oils like Shave Secret or Pacific Shaving Company Shaving Oil. Pre shave oils must be applied in tandem with a shaving cream. Cremo’s shaving cream is simply a shave cream, pre shave oils can safely be used in combination with this product.

Although the bottle of the shaving cream may be a bit smaller in its 6fl oz packaging, a little will go a long way. If you are accustomed to spraying out an ample amount of canned shaving cream into your hand currently.  You may have trouble restraining yourself with Cremo.

Per Cremo’s advice, about an almond size amount of shaving cream should be more than enough to serve your entire shave. One bottle of the shaving cream should last you about 90 shaves (or about 4 months if you shave every business day).

If for instance you are using a Merkur DE razor along with feather blades, you should have no problem using this shaving cream. The lubrication and cushion should be enough to support a smooth nick free shave. To ensure that the shave is as comfortable as possible, you do want to make sure you apply hot water regularly throughout the shave to ensure maximum lubrication and ultimately performance.

Men who use a straight razor may find Cremo advantageous given that this cream goes on rather lightly making it much easier to navigate the contours of your face easily allowing you to concentrate on your technique when you make the pass with the blade rather than trying to find stubble lost within the shaving cream.

Should you be using a Mach 3 or the latest Gillette Pro Fusion razor this shaving cream shouldn’t cause any clogging issues that would hinder the performance of the blade. Therefore you can and should use this cream if you are looking to replace a canned razor that you have sitting within the medicine cabinet.

Lastly, should you own an electric shaver that is able to handle a wet shave, this shaving cream will help make the shave a bit smoother. Given that the shaving cream is a bit thinner, and clearer than a traditional shaving cream, this texture will be a welcomed sight for electric shaver owners everywhere allowing for easier view of left over stubble when making the appropriate movements around your face.

With the inclusion of aloe and some key oils contained within the Cremo Shaving cream, your skin should stay well moisturized long after your morning shave. This will help prevent dry skin or general flaking that occurs with some men and the lower end shaving creams. Although this shaving cream provides moisture, we do always recommend that men use an aftershave to flush out the pores of any bacteria in order to prevent infection.