ShaveMaxx Silvertip Shaving Brush Review

There is nothing better than beginning your shave with confidence, knowing that your tools will do the job well. When it comes to silver tipped badger hair brushes, there is nothing better at guaranteeing lifted hair for a maximum close shave. With softness that is going to mop up a generous amount of foam and a sturdy handle, this brush by Shave Maxx is a tool that was designed with perfection in mind. Arriving at your door in a modern black box, you’ll definitely be anxious to break this brush in.

There is however, a few downfalls of this product that need to be addressed. While, yes, the hair that is used in the brush is 100% silver tip, the craftsmanship leaves a little to be desired. A high quality, hand-made brush will have tightly packed hairs that produce very limited hair fall out as its used. Clean lines and a solid handle should complete the package for a high priced shaving brush. When it comes to Shave Maxx’s brush, there are a few elements that keep it from rising to the very top.

The first thing to consider is, that while the hair used in this brush is very high quality, reviews have noted that quite a bit of fall out takes place throughout the life of the brush. This is a normal occurrence for a new brush that is being broken in, but when it occurs over an extended period of time that may mean the knot is not packed quite tight enough. Although this is a bit worrisome, the loose hair can be mostly avoided with proper care and drying of the brush. Always be sure to hang a shave brush upside down on a drying rack to avoid nasty smells and crushing the delicate hairs.

Secondly, a high quality brush is usually marked by its handsome finish and perfect craftsmanship. That’s why you’re paying the big bucks right? For quality and confidence in a well-preforming product. So, when looking at the make of a high end shaving brush, there obviously shouldn’t be any of the adhesive visible outside of the handle. Assumedly, most of the products made by Shave Maxx would not have this problem, and often one or two “bad eggs” will make it out onto the store shelves. To give this company the benefit of the doubt, we will say that the negative reviews towards such adhesive being visible, applies to only a few of the many brushes released.

Besides these two minor aesthetic flaws- a few falling hairs and some visible glue- this silver tipped badger hair brush does an amazing job of lathering up any brand of shaving soap! With a shorter loft height, you can be sure that this brush will have excellent control over where the lather touches your face. It has densely packed hair that allows the perfect amount of soft resistance for whipping up your shave soap into a luxurious lather. When it comes to picking out a shaving brush, it is important to recognize what type of control you want to have. Longer loft means less control; shorter loft means more control. If you are the type of person who likes to have plenty of control with lots of foaming potential, then this brush will definitely be your style.

When it comes to the handle, there isn’t much information about the make of it; which may come as a turn off to some people. In purchasing such an expensive brush, it is always beneficial to have the materials listed on a product page; however, the handle for the Shave Maxx brush looks very appealing. A dark wood with blonde highlights makes up the body of the handle. The dimensions for this brush are 4.4 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches which will fit comfortable in the palm of your hand. To add a little dimension and flare to the bottom of the brush, Shave Maxx has decorated it with a round metallic disc that will feel very secure in your hand and create excellent support for vigorous whipping as you work for the perfect lather.

Something to keep in mind when it comes to considering a new brush for your set is the amount of exfoliation you may be looking to get. Exfoliation is great for the skin because it helps to remove any left-over dirt or sweat from after a shower, and loosens the hair follicles to make sure you get a clean shave. Because the bristles used to make a 100% silver tipped badger brush are extremely soft, you can’t expect to get much exfoliation out of them. Regardless of what the product description may say, if you are seeking a good rub down for your face, you will want to purchase a shave brush made from either pure badger hair or even good badger fur. While neither of those are the top quality of hair, they do tend to have stiffer backbones, which will then result in a better pre-shave exfoliation session.

Pros: A great brush that will definitely create a fantastic lather and provide a wide spectrum of control for application.
Cons: Poor craftsmanship can make or break a product. Because you are paying a high price for a quality brush, there is a risk that this particular brush will not meet up to the price tag it bears.
Bottom Line: This is a handsome silver tipped badger hair brush that has great reviews regarding its performance. While there may not be many details regarding the materials used for the handle and the knot size, Shave Maxx has taken the time to make sure this product looks and feels great in your hand. Overall, when purchasing this product, even though you may experience a few more loose hairs falling out of the knot than you’d like, there are quite a few good traits this brush possesses. You will receive a fantastic lather with any of your favorite shave soaps, a comfortable and stylish handle that provides great control, and the best badger hair available to make your hairs soft and ready to be shaved.