S.O.C. Cherry Wood Shave Brush by Semogue Review

If you have ever wanted to own a top notch shaving brush that will leave you standing speechless in front of the mirror- this is it. Semogue’s Cherry Wood Brush is one of the best brushes out there; but of course, it’s easy to understand if you need some convincing. Whenever it comes to buying an expensive product, it is best to understand how it is better than the next brush. Which is why you are here.

The first interesting element about this brush is in regards to its hair type. Typically, the high grade shaving brushed use what is called ‘silver tipped badger hair’. This hair is the very best of the badger, found on its neck, and makes a super luxurious lather. Fascinating enough, Semogue uses hair that is classified as ‘two band badger hair’. The differences between two band and silver tipped isn’t that far apart on the spectrum, but they are noticeable. For instance, silver tipped badger hair is top of the line and extremely soft, but it lacks a very stiff backbone. This means that you need to pack far more hair into the knot in order to get a good lather; therefore, a bushier brush. When it comes to two band badger hair, while it is also top of the line, this particular hair has a stiffer backbone. Brush makers will still need to back a substantial amount of hair into the knot to make a full brush, but the stiffer backbone makes a big difference in terms of exfoliation. Thanks to a stiff backbone, it takes less work to whip up a lather, and the hairs will provide a bit more scrubbing action than the typical silver tipped hair. Because of this fact, any man who likes to have some form of exfoliation before his shave will really appreciate a two band brush. However, those who don’t like scrubby brushes will want to lean more towards the soft silver tipped hair.

Secondly, the handle on this brush is very handsome. Made of polished cherry wood, the careful craftsmanship makes it one of the best looking brushes on the market. It is measured at 57mm which will provide a comfortable grip for the shaver. Due to the fact that this handle is made out of wood, there is no fear of dropping the brush while in use. The curves and notches provide excellent gripping points, and look fantastic to boot! There is no doubt that owning a Semogue brush will make your collection an absolute masterpiece.

When it comes to deciding on the perfect shaving brush, the amount of lather generated is everything. Semogue took this into consideration and made a perfect material choice with the two band badger hair. While some softer brushes have a hard time whipping up a lather, this brush does it without a second thought. Because of the strong back bone and the amount of hair packed into the 24mm knot (a great size for overall control) this brush is a champ at creating the right amount of stiffness for lathering up. Now, in consideration of this fact, you will want to invest more into the shave soap that you use. This is not because the brush wouldn’t be able to perform necessarily, however it is more for the sake of overall quality. A cheaper shave soap will not have the same quality of ingredients that say, eShave Shaving Soap would. If you are going to take the time to buy a very nice brush, equip it with the best so that there is no doubt your shaving experience will be perfect.

The final element that comes into play when reviewing this product, is the overall size of the brush. A 24mm knot is the ideal size for amount of lather pickup, and with a 57mm handle you won’t have to worry about an uncomfortable fit in your hand. Loft is the last measurement to consider, and you won’t be disappointed with it. The S.O.C. brush has a loft height of 53mm which is great for those guys who love to be in control. Shorter lofts are always the best choice for maneuvering through the hard to reach spots of your face. You won’t need to worry about an overabundance of lather, and it definitely won’t be creeping up your side burns. If, however, you are someone that likes to cover more service area in one pass with your brush, you will want to look into something that has a larger loft. This is because while a larger loft has less control, it can soak up a lot more lather and touch more parts of your face all at once.

Pros: This brush has it all. From the ability to create a great lather, to the small and manageable size of the loft and handle. The two band badger hair provides an excellent back bone for the hair, allowing a full brush with excellent control. And, thanks to the beautiful polished cherry wood handle, this brush will have your shave kit looking fantastic.
Cons: Besides the price of the brush, (which is typical for any high end brush anyways) the only other downside may be found with the two band badger hair themselves. Because the backbone makes this brush a bit stiffer, some men may not like it as much as the silver tipped hair. If that is the case, put the same amount of money elsewhere on a softer brush.
Bottom Line: Overall, this shave brush is at the top when it comes to excellent craftsmanship. No fall out occurs after repeated use, the knot is structurally sound, and the bristles do a fantastic job at creating the desired amount of lather. The S.O.C. brush may have a large price tag, but in the end it is definitely worth it. You can’t go wrong with a brush that will not only leave you feeling great after a shave, but actually makes the process all the more enjoyable.