Muhle Silvertip Badger Hair Shaving Brush Review

This chrome-lover’s dream brush is definitely not for the faint of heart! With a high price tag, silvertip badger hair, and a finely crafted handle all make for a brush that you will be dying to add to your kit. While this brush isn’t made in America, it was made in Germany; where things are built tough and made to last.

Following along with that statement, the handle of this brush has a hefty weight to it. This is due to the excellent materials used. With a brass core that is nickel plated, the whole sturdy handle is then refined in galvanized chrome. While it may sound a bit too heavy to use, the overall weight is actually quite balanced. The only set back comes into play when the handle gets wet. According to some, the slipperiness with just water isn’t too bad, but if lather begins to slide down the handle it gets a bit tricky to hold onto. This is an easy problem to remedy just by slowing down the whole process and being careful not to slosh the lather around.

While the bristles may seem a bit small in the picture, just a couple of uses will have this brush blooming. Silvertip badger hair is soft and perfect for whipping up an excellent lather. You definitely will want to get a quality shave soap so that a brush like this can reach its full potential. Like all new brushes, a few hairs may escape the knot on the first use. But, even though the knot on this brush is a little small, there is no problem with prolonged shedding. This fact is so important when it comes to buying a brush of this quality. You do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a shave brush, just to have it fall apart in a year or two. Thanks to the excellent craftsmanship of Muhle, this brush will last you for a very long time. The best way to ensure your brush lasts is to always place it inside a stand. Even though this brush, unlike some with a rounded base, may be able to support itself just fine on the counter top there are multiple reasons why you wouldn’t want to actually go that route. Leaving a brush upright will trap water down in the bristles, creating a foul smell later on, and it does have the risk of being knocked over. Silver tipped badger hair is very soft, so any crushing of the hair would definitely damage its quality.

The total height for the Muhle shaving brush is 104mm. This is perfect for those who want a lot of control while shaving. Larger loft heights are better for lots of coverage, but the lather tends to be quite a bit messier. You can be sure that with the smaller brush, you won’t have lather clear up past your ears! The smaller size can be a bit difficult for those with larger hands, however. The base diameter is only 19mm, so if you prefer to have a larger handle to grip, you may want to check out something like the Parker Silvertip Badger Brush.

When you purchase any shaving brush, there may be a slight odor when first used. The Muhle shaving brush is no exception. However, this is nothing to be alarmed about. All that needs to be done is a thorough cleaning of the brush both before and after shaving, as well as hanging the brush bristles down in a stand. That way, all odor is washed out and the tool has a chance to completely air dry so that no bacteria will build up within the bristles. If these steps are followed, the odor will dissipate after a couple of uses and your brush will be fresh as a daisy for your next shave.

Everything about this brush really is spectacular, and unfortunately, quality means quantity; a quantity of money that is. Silver tipped badger haired brushes really aren’t the most suggested brush for a beginner, or perhaps even an intermediate, wet shaver. This is simply because of the high quality of these brushes.  A beginner would do great with a pure badger hair brush because they are affordable and still get the job done in a relatively effective fashion. But, with the silver tipped badger hair, the price demands experience. For those of you who have this experience, this is truly one of the best brushes on the market.

Pros: Excellent craftsmanship by Muhle has provided a brush that not only looks great, but functions at a high level of quality as well. This brush has a great size that will provide a comfortable fit and excellent control. The materials used are quality materials that ensure a long life for your brush and an enjoyable experience for you.
Cons: The biggest setback is also the most appealing aesthetic feature. Because the handle is made of a slick material, if lather and water cover the handle it will be difficult to get a good grip.
Bottom Line: Muhle is an excellent company that provides top notch products. This brush is no exception as it has covered everything from appealing appearance to excellent control. Although the price tag is hefty, this brush is specifically for the experienced wet shaver who knows what he wants. If you purchase this brush you will be receiving high quality within a tool that will last you for years to come