Shark Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades Review

If you are an advanced double edge safety razor enthusiast that is also on a budget while also looking for an extremely sharp blade that isn’t Feather, the Shark Super Stainless steel razor blades are likely going to be your best alternative.

Made in Egypt, these blades rival the Feather’s in the sharpness category, which will give you an incredibly aggressive shave time after time.

Just like the Feather’s, these are going to be best suited for the advanced wet shavers out there, if you aren’t on the top of your game, you are likely going to nick yourself given the sharpness of the edge. Therefore, it’s going to be critical that you have your styptic pencil and alum block on hand before giving this blade a try.

Regarding cost, this blade is incredibly affordable as it rings up at about $.11 each.

Expect this blade to effectively cut through coarse hairs and last you about 4 shaves before a replacement should be made.