KAI Stainless Steel Review

Crafted in Japan, KAI is both an extremely expensive blade at about $.46 per blade which is significantly higher than Astra’s $.10 blade price and even the highly regarded Feather at $.30.

Beyond this blade commanding a generally higher price tag compared to the other best razor blades on the market – KAI stainless steel blades are constructed from one of the top Japanese cutlery manufacturers.

What’s significant about the KAI blade, is that many men who may want the sharpness of the Feather blade, but find the frequent nicks or general irritation, will likely prefer the KAI Stainless steel blade as it tends to carry just an ever so slightly smoother edge to the blade.

While this blade may not be suited for extremely thick whiskers, due to pronounced tugging and pulling on the root when passed, many men should find that this blade performs well on their hair.

Generally speaking, it’s a substantial investment for razor blades and is great for enthusiasts looking to try out something new.