Gillette 7 O’clock Super Stainless Review

There is absolutely no denying the clout that Gillette carries over the shaving world.

While you may have been trying to escape the high prices commanded by cartridge and disposable razors alike – Gillette does actually make a top notch razor for double edge safety razors.

Let’s just say that Gillette knows a thing or two when it comes to traditional double edge safety razors (pssst. – they hold the original patent).

The 7 o’clock blades offered by Gillette will provide an incredibly smooth shave time and time again (usually for about 4 shaves per blade). Their smoother surface (as opposed to sharper) allows for great comfort for men that have medium to thinner whiskers.

In addition, the smooth edge of this blade will be less susceptible surface nicks or cuts that you would otherwise experience when shaving with some of the other sharper blades that we reviewed.

One common point of confusion about this blade, and you will see it discussed wildly online, is its country of origin.

Gillette offers 7 o’clock’s in green packaging. However, where their difference lies is within the subheading of the box. The ones pictured above are Super Stainless – which are the better of the two.

Gillette Super Stainless 7 o’clocks are made in Russia – this is the one you want.

The other product that this is confused with is the Gillette 7 o’clock Permasharp – which are made in India. These blades are considered by many to be inferior to the Russian manufactured blades.

While you may have escaped the high-priced shaving world for a DE razors, these blades are incredibly affordable. Ringing up at about $.16 per blade – they won’t break the bank.

Overall this is an excellent blade for men just dipping their toes in the wet shaving world looking to experiment with a smoother blade.