Feather Double Edge Blades Review

One of the sharpest blades that you can buy for your double edge safety razor will be the Feather Hi-Stainless razor blade.

For better or worse, the Feather blade is the sharpest blade that will give you the closest shave possible.

As we covered above that the Astra razor blade tends to run a bit smoother than the Feather – don’t ever confuse smoothness with sharpness.

Even the most experienced shavers that rely on a Feather Hi-Stainless blade for everyday use, may accidentally nick themselves due to the extremely sharp edge.

Given that the edge is so sharp on this particular razor blade, we recommend that this is likely going to be better suited for the men out there that are highly experienced in wet shaving and know the contours of their face extremely well.

With the unforgiving nature of this razor blade, be sure to have your styptic pencil or alum block handy when first giving these blades a try.

Lastly, with a thinner edge on this blade, expect on average to swap out the blade once every 3 or 4 shaves as there may be tiny chips that form along the edge that could lead to discomfort.

Feather Double Edge Blades, 50 Count
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